My Favorite Things

Here is a list of pleasure and wellness companies and products I personally love, and hope you’ll enjoy. My code, SEXEDCELINA can be used to buy my favorite toys, salve, and lube.

Unbound I literally own every thing they make. And some products that aren’t sold anymore! I absolutely adore this company because it is women led, and their products are body safe and beautiful. These are the toys that brought me back to my body after my divorce. Gotta love a pleasure brand that has pretty design, a sense of humor AND a rewards program!

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Momotaro Apotheca I wish these vulva wellness products were available decades ago when I first started experiencing irritation and lichen sclerosus symptoms. I am so thankful I have this organic line of vulvovaginal care as part of my routine now. As a sufferer of frequent UTI’s and yeast infections, their salve has been my vulva’s saving grace. I love the natural scents, organic ingredients, and how much the company truly cares about justice and healing.

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Honey Play Box So here’s the fun thing about Honey Play Box: there are SO MANY fun things! The people running the biz self identify as “group of sex educators, lesbian meme queens & sex toy connoisseurs passionate about bringing inclusive values to the adult industry!” I own a vibrating, rotating, purple dildo from Honey Play Box that got me through quarantine life. You can too!

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