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“Sex is… perfectly natural. It’s something that’s pleasurable. It’s enjoyable and it enhances a relationship. So why don’t we learn as much as we can about it and become comfortable with ourselves as sexual human beings because we are all sexual?”

Sue Johanson

Sexual being + Mama +

Certified Sex Educator

While many people may first recognize me as a mother and long time early childhood educator, I often reminds folks that “we are multifaceted people,” and I also proudly identify as a sexual being, human, and sex educator. My experiences in these roles guide the way I work with parents, seniors, kids, partners, and groups of friends; it’s all about connection and understanding. My style of sex education is centered on mutual respect and facilitation. My goal is to empower clients in the learning and communication process, and create a space free of shame, taboo, and judgement.

When we can learn about our bodies, sex, sexuality and relationships in an accurate, inclusive and positive way, we can have conversations and take actions that make the world kinder, safer, and more just. I truly believes that access to pleasure and sex information is key to living in healthier, happier bodies, and creating a more equitable society.

More than the birds and the bees!

For many of us, “the talk” and sex education (if we had access to it) was fear focused on unplanned pregnancy, disease, and what not to do.

If we were engaged in conversation about “the birds and the bees,” it was likely awkward to be compared to a tiny insect and an animal with feathers. We are not birds and bees! There is so much more to learn and explore beyond “doing it” and reproduction.

I encourage pleasure focused sex-ed, and normalizing all that you once thought was taboo.

Removing the stigma and shame surrounding sex in our culture begins with comprehensive, inclusive, accurate, and kind conversations.

sex education services

Private 1:1 sessions

No question is a dumb question! But often times sex related questions can feel hard to ask. Booking a private 1:1 session is the perfect opportunity to be free of stigma when asking Celina your questions, discussing an issue, or sharing your curiosities.

Parent Coaching

The “tough questions” won’t be so scary to answer once Celina provides you with the language, accurate information, and support you need to talk with your kids about sex, relationships, and growing up.

shopping Wing Woman

There’s no need to feel intimidated or confused about pleasure shopping. Celina is your sex toy wing woman and will make shopping fun as she guides you to the right products and lends you her discount codes!

Email advice

If you have an issue or question, and prefer to communicate via email, Celina is happy to offer advice this way. One question per email.

sex-ed for all ages

We are born sexual beings and never stop being sexual beings for all our lives! That means we deserve developmentally appropriate knowledge about our bodies and sexuality at any and every age. Celina enjoys facilitating learning sessions for parents, seniors, and children.

Self-Care Sex Coaching

Some people meditate, go for a run, journal, or take a bath for self-care. Celina will introduce you to the practice of sex as self-care. Inquire to learn about workshops, 1:1 coaching, and guides for self-care sex.


Celina was so helpful in suggesting books I could read with my daughter about puberty and her body. As a dad, I want her to know I’m someone she can talk to without it being weird. So Celina prepped me with great ways to talk about topics like consent in a kid appropriate way, and gave me a brush up on Sex Ed in a way that was different from the way I first learned things. I want to be a good “girl dad,” and my one on one coaching with Celina is definitely helping me do this.

— Charles S.

I was nervous about talking to my husband about introducing toys in the bedroom. I didn’t even know where to start! Celina put me at ease, and explained some great beginner toys to me. She even helped me with what to say to my husband. I bought a couple of toys with her discount codes, and have my eye on a few vibes she suggested! It was like talking with one of my girlfriends, and knowing there’d be zero judgement.

— Valerie Y.



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